Using the Lists content type, Page Managers can create listings of items and provide details for each item. Some examples of lists include community service opportunities, extracurricular clubs/activities, employment opportunities, library services, admissions process steps, and giving programs. Each item in a list can contain a title, a brief description (a short summary or introduction), a long description (the full body of content), and photos.  

There are several ways to display list items on a page. Some of the display options allow Page Managers to provide a lot of information while only using a small amount of space on a page. Page Managers can edit the appropriate block style to establish the appearance.

  • Full: The title and descriptions all display on the page by default.

  • Expandable: Users will click on the title to expand the descriptions.

  • Detail Page: Users will click on a “read more” link or button to access a separate page that contains the descriptions (to use this option, Page Managers must create a List Detail page in the Pages & Menus task).

Links from this content type that are used in posts on social media will generate a small detail window showing a short description, the page title, and a link back to the source post. For more information on Social Media features, please click here.