Recent Activity

Recent Activity displays a feed of content that has been added/edited within the past 360 days, based on the content’s publish date (events are the exception to this rule; events display on the day they are occurring to serve as reminders). Content from the public website and/or from a constituent's groups can appear in Recent Activity. Constituents can only view content to which they have access, based on the content category security and group page access. Constituents can access the Recent Activity from the News menu.

The following content types can appear in the Recent Activity:

Platform Managers can determine which content appears in Recent Activity. Schools may want to limit the amount of content that appears in Recent Activity so that only the most important information displays.

To customize the information that appears in Recent Activity:

  1. From the drop-down menu in the upper, right-hand corner, select Core.

  2. Click Settings > Recent Activity.

  3. Select Yes or No next to "I would like the name of the person who originally posted the content to display in the Activity Stream, even if the content is updated." If "No" is selected, the name of the person who made the most recent edit to the content will display.

  4. For each of the content types, click Add More.

  5. Select the content categories andgroups that should appear in the Activity Stream.

    Group types (Academics, Community, etc.) will not appear unless content exists in the groups.

  6. Click Apply.