Create an online form

  1. From Management, select DIY Online Forms. The DIY Forms page appears.

  2. Click Create a New Page.

  3. Click Online Giving Page. The eTapestry Styles window appears.

  4. Select the style you want to use as a template for your page. You can edit the content and design of your form later.

  5. Click Next. The configuration page appears.

  6. Under General Page Settings, in the Page Name field, enter a name for your page. This is an internal name for your reference and does not appear on the page.

    1. Enter a description for your reference. This is optional and does not appear on the published page.

    2. In the Title field, enter a descriptive title for the page. The title appears at the top of the browser when visitors view the page.

    3. In the URL field, enter the URL extension you want to use for this page. The extension appears at the end of the web address for the page.

    4. To include a comments box on the form, select Include comments box.

    5. In the Default Country field, select the default country to display in the address block of the form.

  7. Under Online Giving Settings, select Send the donor a confirmation email to send an email confirmation to donors when the form is submitted.

    1. To edit the text of the success message, select Edit Message. The Edit Success Message Text screen appears. On this screen, you can enter a custom message that is sent to users who interact with your DIY form. For example, if a donor gives a gift through an Online Giving form you create, you may want to send them a message thanking them for their donation.

      You can include the following data merge fields in your custom success message:

      • [CN] = Constituent Name
      • [RA] = Received Amount
      • [EM] = Email
      • [ON] = Organization Name

      In order to add these data merge fields into your success message, you will need to enter the data merge field names into the message editor exactly as they are listed above or else your data will not merge correctly.

      Once you are satisfied with the content of your message, select Update.

      Note: In order for the custom success message settings to take effect for existing DIY forms, you will need to republish your form. To republish your form, from the Onine Forms Editor page, select Go Live. We recommend you test the confirmation email to ensure the message appear as you have intended.

    2. In the From what address field, enter the email address you want to appear for confirmation emails.
    3. In the Subject field, enter the subject to appear in the confirmation email to donors.

    4. In the Confirmation Email Template field, select the template to use for confirmation emails. The options that display from the drop down are the templates available from Communications. If a template does not exist that fits your needs, you can create a new template or edit an existing template in Communications. For more information, refer to Create an Email Template.

    5. To send an email confirmation to yourself when the form is submitted, select Send your organization a confirmation email. You receive the confirmation email every time a visitor submits the form. To learn more about this standard email, refer to Automatic Notification Email.

      1. In the To what address(es) field, enter the email address to receive the notification email. This is typically someone in your organization. To enter multiple email addresses, separate each one with a comma.

      2. In the Subject field, enter the subject to appear in the confirmation email to your organization.

    6. To generate a receipt number to include on the donation confirmation email, select Generate receipts on transactions from this page.

      Warning: If you select to generate receipts on transactions from the page, all gifts will be marked as final.

      Tip: In eTapestry, when you include receipt information as a part of your email confirmations, you are creating an "eReceipt" by definition.

      To send the eReceipt, the donor confirmation template you select in the Confirmation Email Template field must include the Generated Receipt Number merge value or the eCommerce Details widget. When you select to generate eReceipts, eTapestry automatically includes the next unique receipt number that is available in the database on each receipt.

      Note: When (None Selected) appears in the Confirmation Email Template field, the default template eTapestry uses automatically includes eReceipt information.

    7. In the Transaction Processor field, select the processor you want to use for transactions received through this form. To allow electronic fund transfers through the form, select the Include ACH/Direct Debit checkbox. For information about how to add a transaction processor in eTapestry, refer to eCommerce.

    8. In the Fund row, click Select Fund(s). The Select Fund(s) screen appears.

      1. To select a fund for the page, click its name. You must select at least one fund for donations to process to from the form. When you select one fund, all transactions default to that fund and the field does not appear on the form. When you select more than one fund, a Fund field appears on the form for users to select the fund for the transaction.

      2. To save your fund selections, click Update.

      3. Repeat these steps for any campaigns, approaches, or letters you want to apply to the page.

        Tip: You can only select one campaign and one approach. These are required if designated as required during configuration. When you select a letter, you can later query on transactions to identify the donors to receive the letter.

    9. If you use the optional Advanced Security Module, you can apply page and record security. For information about advanced security, refer to Advanced Security.

    10. To automatically track a field value when a form is submitted, you can add a hidden field to the form that does not appear on the published page. For more information about hidden fields, see Hidden Fields.

  8. To create the page and begin editing it, click Submit.