Gift Management

From Fundraising, Gift management, you can add gift records to your organization's database to track charitable giving from your constituents. You can add gifts individually, or enter multiple gifts in a batch.

  • To add gifts one at a time, such as when you only have a few gifts to enter, select Add, Add a single gift. For more information, see Gifts.

  • To add multiple gifts at one time, select Add, Add a batch of gifts. With gift batches, you can:

    • Manage gifts as a group with a shared batch ID.

    • Use the batch approval process for data quality control.

    • Save batches while in progress and return later to add more gifts.

You can also view batches that contain gifts from other sources, such as automatic recurring gifts. Gifts received from other sources are automatically placed into unapproved batches based on source, date, payment method, and payment configuration. To create records for the gifts in a batch, open the batch and select Approve.

For more information, see Gift Batches.