Prospect Status

With moves management, your organization develops donors' interest in your mission through a standard process to identify and acquire prospects, cultivate personal relationships, and generate major gift opportunities. As you determine this process, we recommend these milestones as typical stages to track as prospect statuses.

On a constituent's record, you can view their prospect status under Prospect management or as an alert at the top of the page when they've had the status for too long. Under Prospect management, you can also update a prospect’s status in your process, quickly see how long they've been at their current status, and scroll through their moves history.

Note: To help track changes to a prospect, you can view who added or updated a status when you review its history. For statuses added or updated in the database view, the history shows Blackbaud processing instead of a name.

Tip: In the database view, you can manage a prospect’s current status on the Prospect tab of their constituent record. However, we recommend you manage a prospect's moves in the web view instead. For details why, see Prospect Status: Web or Database View?.