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Master Rollover

Managers can complete the master rollover process for each of the following modules (if applicable). This process allows managers to move information (such as athletic teams) from the current school year to the upcoming school year.

Warning: Do not use a rollover if data managers will be importing the information.

  • Academics: academic group managers can roll over course sections, section identifiers, course page settings, teachers, rooms, blocks and/or schedules (if the Schedule application is used).

    Warning: If you have run Schedule Maker, do not perform an Academic Rollover as this may create data errors.

  • Activity: activity group managers can roll over activity sections, section identifiers, activity page settings, activity leaders, rooms, blocks and/or schedules (if the Schedule application is used).

  • Advisory: advisory group managers can roll over advisory sections, section identifiers, advisory page settings, advisors, advisees, rooms, blocks and/or schedules (if the Schedule application is used).

  • Athletics: athletic group managers can roll over teams, coaches, rosters, game schedules, practice schedules, and/or team page settings.

  • Dorm: dorm group managers can roll over dorm rooms, dorm supervisors, dorm residents, blocks and/or dorm page settings.

  • Grade Book: grade book managers can roll over marking periods and grade access.

    Note: New marking periods must be created if the terms for the upcoming year will be different than the terms for the current year (for example, trimesters will be used in the upcoming year but semesters were used in the current year).

  • Grading: grading managers can roll over grade plans, grade formulas, report cards, academic performance and grade averages.

    Warning: In order to rollover grade plan formulas that use grade book grades, the grade book rollover must be completed firstand marking periods must be rolled over. Marking period dates can be adjusted after they are rolled over.

  • Course Requests: online signup managers can roll over the course request settings, such as signup dates, minimum and maximum number of course requests.

Note: If your school has the PCR, Veracross, or Senior Systems integrations, disable data syncing before completing a rollover unless the current school years in both systems are the same.