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To increase the impact on your mission and inform your next steps, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization's fundraising efforts. With SKY Reporting, you can — at a glance — assess your organization's overall performance and effectiveness. In Fundraising, Analyze, you can quickly assess your organization's fundraising efforts across several areas.

Tip: With the Revenue type filter, you can choose whether to analyze revenue received through cash-in-hand giving or committed through pledges and matching gifts. For more information, see Revenue Types.

To view a list of records included in the number-crunching, select the total or metric. For further analysis, select Create list to open the list in Lists, where you can apply additional filters, choose columns, and save for future reuse. For more information, see Lists.

Note: Hang tight! It may take up to six hours for Analyze metrics to update based on new or edited information.

Note: Admins! To enable people at your organization to gauge the overall fundraising efforts, you must first choose which security groups should access Analyze, and which metrics. For information, see Analyze Rights.