Create and Edit School Directories

Platform Managers can create as many directories as needed for a school. For example, schools can have a separate alumni directory, employee directory, student directory, and so on.


  • Directory Name: Name of the directory, for example: Parent/Student Directory.

  • Display Order: Enter the order in which the directory should be listed if you have multiple directories. If no sort order is entered, the directories display alphabetically.

Display Options

  • Available Directory Displays: Select the display formats that should be available in the directory.

    • List: Use this option to display results in a single-column list.

    • Grid: Use this option to display results in a two-column grid.

    • Map: Use this option to display results on a map.

  • Default Directory Display: Select the format that should display by default when a user first visits the directory. Users can then switch the format if others are available.

  • Automatically display sample results: Check this option if a sampling of up to 200 results should display when a user first visits the directory. Users will then see those results get refreshed as filters are applied. If this option is not checked, no results will display when a user first visits the directory.


Select roles to include in the directory. For example, if creating a Parent/Student directory, select the parent and student roles.


Select the fields constituents can use to filter results. For example, if constituents are to search for students by grad year, select the Grad Year filter. Once selected, enter the order the filters will appear in the right-hand column of the directory. If no sort order is entered, filters display alphabetically. To remove the filter, click the Remove link.

Note: Custom user fields are listed here.

Print Options

To allow users to print the directory, select Allow Users to Print Directory. The settings here and the profile publish access settings determine what information users can view/print.

  • Print format: Select the Current Search Results checkbox to enable users to print the current results; select Individual Directory to allow users to print all individuals; select Family Directory to allow users to print the directory for related users.

  • Name Format: Select the format the users names will appear in the printed directory. Check Display Maiden Names to print users' maiden names.

  • Display Grade/Grad Year: Select to display users' grade/grad year in the printed directory. If None is selected, no grade/grad year will appear.

  • Group By: Select to group users by grade level, grad year, or department. If None is selected, users display alphabetically by their last name.

  • Font Style: Select either Times New Roman (serif) or Verdana (sans-serif) as the font for the printed directory.

  • Font Size: Select the font size for the printed directory.