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Independent Study Reaffirms Enterprise Institutions Raise More Money at a Faster Rate with Blackbaud CRM™

  • by Blackbaud
  • Feb 23, 2021, 02:52 PM

Proving the case for adopting advancement technology can be challenging. To better understand the financial impact of a CRM system for an institution, the Zuri Group, a consulting firm, conducted an independent analysis of universities using a CRM system over a 20-year period. 

The Zuri Group studied the Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) data for 80 universities, as well as GivingUSA data and a host of other sources. The institutions are comprised of Power Five Conference schools as well as non-Power Five Conference schools that have implemented Blackbaud CRM™. Among this group, 38 are using Blackbaud CRM, with the remaining 42 using another advancement CRM system. 

Blackbaud CRM Helps Universities Increase Funds Raised 
The Zuri Group’s results categorically illustrated the positive impact of Blackbaud CRM on fundraising results and showed an impressive return-on-investment. The study found that institutions using Blackbaud CRM were able to raise more money at a faster rate with:

  • An average annual increase of $55.1M in funds raised after Blackbaud CRM implementation
  • A 63-percentage-point increase in funds raised compared to non-Blackbaud CRM institutions
  • An 8.9% average annual growth rate after Blackbaud CRM adoption

“Blackbaud has served as the trusted technology partner for enterprise higher education institutions for decades,” said Chris Krackeler, president and general manager, Higher Education Solutions, Blackbaud. “Simply put, colleges and universities that use Blackbaud CRM achieve better results. As the Zuri Group study underscores, our advancement CRM solution helps institutions achieve their long-term fundraising goals and provides the infrastructure needed for sustained growth.”  

With the right CRM technology in place, institutions are better positioned to cultivate lifelong relationships with donors while achieving record-setting campaign goals. Learn more about the positive impact Blackbaud CRM has on an institution’s bottom line by downloading the Zuri Group’s full CRM analysis here


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