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We’re putting AI to work for social impact.

We're committed to AI that's




Introducing the next generation of our Intelligence for Good® strategy.

Blackbaud provides the essential operating systems for the organizations changing the world. We believe the social impact sector can go further, faster, as we harness the rapidly-expanding potential of artificial intelligence – together, responsibly.

Here’s what we’re doing:

Making AI more accessible.

Harnessing the power of AI will transform business operations for social impact organizations – if they can overcome barriers to access. We’re committed to opening doors through:  

Creating the most powerful AI tools for social impact teams.

The most powerful AI builds on the right data and real expertise. Our AI strategy draws on:

  • The world’s most robust philanthropic database to drive game-changing insights

  • Powerful systems of intelligence at the core of Blackbaud solutions, enabled through AI and machine learning, drive real-time insights and continuous improvement

  • Deep sector expertise to understand where and how AI can most effectively enhance, streamline, and drive our customers’ key workflows.

  • Actionable analytics to transform data into powerful descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insight.

Ensuring AI that’s responsible and trustworthy.

Navigating new tech frontiers is a serious responsibility. We steadfastly prioritize a trustworthy approach to AI, grounded in

  • Fairness, inclusiveness, reliability and trust: The foundational principles of Blackbaud’s trustworthy AI framework.
  • Passionate curiosity: We’re passionate about sparking debate and challenging assumptions in order to ensure that AI is applied responsibly in the social impact sector
  • Proactive engagement: We’re committed to continuous engagement with customers, partners and legislative bodies to address potential ethical issues before they happen.

Building on a proven foundation.

There’s a lot of hype about AI. We believe our customers deserve more than hype. With our extensive track record of building and delivering actionable predictive insights, Blackbaud customers have:

  • Identified game-changing untapped funding potential with predictive insights in our fundraising solutions.
  • Transformed their prospecting processes with AI-enabled insights to identify and prioritize prospects and quantify giving potential.
  • Maximized the revenue impact of each transaction with intelligent donation forms.

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But with so much change, how do you cut through the noise?

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“A tremendous opportunity exists for social impact organizations to use AI to address key operational and financial challenges. Blackbaud will apply our proven approach – combining high quality system-of-record data, best-practice education, integrated partner ecosystem and new social impact-specific capabilities – to provide an easy, safe way for our customers to test new approaches and capture this opportunity in ways that are right for the social impact sector,”

– Blackbaud CEO Mike Gianoni

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