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Fundraising isn’t easy and the generosity of donors is critical to ensure your organization’s good work continues. Sargent Solutions Inc. has been working with non-profits for over 10 years – advising, training and coaching clients with their Blackbaud suite of products. With a focus on fundraising efforts, engaging donors and internal processes, we help raise more money for our organizations.

Sargent Solutions offers personal training and management of Raiser’s Edge and workable solutions to help you save money, organize departments for maximum efficiency, and unleash your true fundraising potential. Services and training are offered on a fee-for-project basis (no monthly fees), and provided on site or remotely to mission-driven organizations across North America.

Database Management

We will help you fast track your efforts, raise retention rates, build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier. Sargent Solutions has over 20 years of experience in database management. As your partner, we know your database and how to leverage it by keeping track of current processes and finding better solutions. Moreover, our relationship with you is not a “fix it and forget it” situation. We will be there for you as much as you need us to be.


  • Targeted communications
  • Managing campaigns
  • Managing gift processing
  • Campaign processing
  • Balancing the books
  • Account reconciliation
  • Database re-vamp

 Data conversions

  • Assist/manage database updates
  • Conversions: from other fundraising programs into Raiser’s Edge
  • Raiser’s Edge module implementation
  • Customize forms, adding new fields, re-organizing etc.

Software Management

Backed by two decades experience in fundraising and in working with Raiser’s Edge, Sargent Solutions will help you unleash the true power and functionality of this amazing software.

We provide:

  • Training and consultation in Raiser’s Edge and other software programs
  • Recommendations on the right software
  • Installing /configuring and maintaining the software
  • Install, configure, recommend the right database modules
  • Training and assistance on Raiser’s Edge functionality updates and new modules
  • Connect software to your database to enable online donations
  • Configure MS Office, templates, excel sheets and more
  • Crystal Reports creation – Three months of time organizing reports can now be done in three minutes!

Consulting and Training

Sargent Solutions can help you and your teams find clarity in your frantic fundraising environment through personal, customized consulting and training services:

  • Employee training – one to one, or one to many
  • In-person or virtual training of staff to handle day-to-day database entry and reporting needs
  • Gift processing — let us handle the process from start to finish
  • Ongoing support, 24/7, both remote and onsite
  • Event planning
  • Software management
  • Data management
  • Policies and procedures creation

Organize the organization

It is normal for fundraising departments to work independently, but this can hinder the success of your organization. Sargent Solutions will work with you to teach all departments to function better and smarter, and to communicate with each other.

  • Eliminate duplication of efforts from department to department
  • Simplify work tasks using templates that can easily be customized for donors
  • Learn how to use the communication functionality of Raiser’s Edge
  • Avoid inundating donors with multiple mailings

In order for mission-driven organizations to do their best work, it is critical that everyone be pulling on the same rope.


The success of your organization and of your work hinges on your fundraising efforts. Sargent Solutions offers personal support to help you build on your ability to raise more funds.

  • Campaign/Gift Processing – Get experienced help in peak periods with all donation-related tasks
  • Planning, organizing and supervision of fundraising events
  • Direct mailings
  • Get onsite or remote interim support to cover vacation, sick leave and transitions between staff
  • Let us help you bring your fundraising efforts to a whole level.

Fundraising is never easy and the generosity of donors is critical to ensure your good work continues. Sargent Solutions can help. We will focus your fundraising efforts, engage your donors and raise more money for your organization. Contact Sargent Solutions, your fundraising edge.

Contact us today to see how Sargent Solutions can become your Solution!

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