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Identify, Target & Engage Your Best Prospects

The Target Analytics’ suite of prospect research solutions helps our nonprofit customers dive deep into each prospect’s giving profile, financial capacity, and contribution potential - providing all the insights they need to make smarter and more productive fundraising decisions.


We combine the industry’s best mix of wealth, giving history, and analytics - then surface our data to customers online, through the ResearchPoint software platform.

ProspectPoint Modeling

Within ProspectPoint, we design custom, high-performance predictive models for our clients, utilizing their supporter’s charitable giving history, wealth profile, and thousands of consumer attributes integrated from external sources. These models help them identify and target their best major, annual, and planned gift prospects, then recommend a target gift range to ensure they’re optimizing ask-amounts, and not leaving money on the table.

Principal Gift Modeling

The Principal Giving solution identifies a nonprofit’s highest-value prospects, specifically, those that are willing and able to make game-changing individual gifts of $250,000 or more. Since these gifts are rare, most organizations lack the data required to differentiate between typical “major” prospects, and those with true principal gift potential. Principal Giving helps overcome that information gap, by leveraging a comprehensive, multi-organization view of that individual’s wealth, philanthropic affinity, and charitable gift history.

Wealth Screening

WealthPoint provides detailed & accurate hard-asset information on each prospect, enabling nonprofits to better understand their supporter’s capacity, as well as their ability to make a major gift contribution. The solution delivers all the financial, biographical, demographic, and philanthropic attributes needed to effectively qualify and engage top prospects, including each individual’s income & discretionary income levels, public stock holdings, real estate assets, charitable giving history, known interests and affiliations, etc. The outputs of WealthPoint are integrated directly within our online ResearchPoint software platform, which makes it extremely easy for clients to screen, qualify, and report on their highest-value prospects.


ResearchPoint combines the industry’s best, most comprehensive individual wealth and philanthropic insights under one umbrella; providing customers with an easy-to-navigate platform and custom user experience to build a more successful fundraising roadmap. Seamlessly integrate constituent data, navigate deep into each individual’s capacity and inclination to give, and access custom-built modeling solutions to identify your best prospects and most likely supporters. From beginning to end, ResearchPoint leverages the best prospect data available to drive results and to help grow your mission.

Fundraising Essentials

The Fundraising Essentials solution is designed to provide easy-to-use database segmentation for your key areas of annual and major giving, and was designed for use by organizations that don’t have the time, budget, or resources to invest in full-time prospect research. The process analyzes an organization’s constituent profiles and giving history to accomplish three primary objectives – segmenting constituents into targeted programs, recommendation of a next-ask amount, and identification of each individual’s total assets. Our clients use Fundraising Essentials to gauge each donor’s true potential, and prioritize investment in the highest value prospects.

NOZA Search

The world’s largest searchable database of charitable donations, NOZA Search provides a robust database of philanthropic giving information that is used by nonprofits and fundraising consultants to create donor and prospect portfolios. NOZA Search technology isolates publicly available charitable giving information (annual reports, newsletters, campaign honor rolls, press releases, social networks, event sponsor lists, and more) and converts that data into a search-able database that can be used to identify or qualify prospects. The database contains more than 80 million individual, corporate, and foundation gift records (with over 1 million more records added each month) and provides links to source materials.

Strategic Consulting Services

When clients engage Target Analytics for Strategic Consulting Services, they retain access to a tenured fundraising analytics expert with years of experience helping nonprofits drive productivity across programs. These individuals are commonly tasked with analyzing and communicating modeling results, implementing targeting strategy, performing donor portfolio analysis, and developing long-term fundraising roadmaps; their skills can be applied towards nearly any assignment that requires a practiced strategic resource. Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, including former CFOs to Executive Directors, and have first-hand knowledge of the complexities and issues facing nonprofit organizations. Whether implementing a new solution, or fine tuning your current approach, we can help you make educated decisions that will have a positive impact on your performance.

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