2024 Updates to Blackbaud Payment and Merchant Services

This information is for Blackbaud Payment and Merchant Services customers.


Blackbaud Merchant Services rates will change on August 1, 2024. The new effective rate for US-based customers will be 2.99%. The American Express rate of 3.5% and the per transaction rate of $.30 are not changing. There are no changes to PayPal, ACH, or BBPS Interconnect. This rate change allows us to continue to keep up with the increasing costs of the payment industry while continuing to innovate in digital giving.

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Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or visit these helpful resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Blackbaud Merchant Services rates will change on August 1, 2024. We continue working to bring ongoing enhancements across all products.

No, your Blackbaud Merchant Services rates will automatically update for transactions beginning August 1, 2024.

Rates will be updated for Blackbaud Merchant Services on August 1, 2024.

Currency Existing BBMS Rate New Blackbaud Merchant Services Rate (Aug ’24)
USD 2.79% + $0.30 (3.5% for AMEX) 2.99% + $0.30 (3.5% for AMEX)

These rates apply to all transactions, regardless of entry method.

Daily disbursements and Credit Card Updater are available at no additional cost. Complete Cover fee coverage options are available, as well as donor cover. For more information, visit resources in the Payments Help Center.

No, the rate table will follow the existing interconnect per transaction fees as follows:

Annual Transactions Tier Price (USD)
1,500 $450
2,000 $600
4,000 $1,200
6,000 $1,800
8,000 $2,400
10,000 $2,500
Over 10,000 Contact Account Executive for pricing

No, the 3.5% rate for American Express remains the same.

There are no changes to Blackbaud’s PayPal Rates which are as follows: 

Currency Current PayPal Rate New PayPal Rate (Aug ’24)
USD 2.9% + $.30 No change

No, YourCause is not subject to these changes.

Yes, MobilePay Terminal transactions will follow the standard rate pricing.

No. The below rate will apply:

Currency Current ACH Direct Debit Rate New ACH Direct Debit Rate
USD 1.00% + $0.30/transaction
$5 cap per transaction
No change

The returned check fee remains at $5 per occurrence.

Many factors determine how the rate change will impact your organization, including average gift size, transactional volume, and credit card brand mix.  For help calculating your specific rate impact, contact your Customer Success Manager.

In addition, Complete Cover™ and donor cover are available for many of our solutions. These fee coverage options offer ways to reduce, or even remove, fees associated with online transactions. To date, we have put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into our customers’ missions, with over 85% of donors opting in for participating organizations.

Blackbaud Merchant Services rates encompass the cost of actually processing a given transaction. The Blackbaud Payment Service Interconnect Fee is designed to encompass the collection, transmission, and storing of credit card data for payment processing with third-party credit card payment gateway service providers and credit card processors. The Payment Enablement Fee helps support the efforts needed to build, maintain, and support secure, compliant, and reliable connections for our customers leveraging payments-enabled solutions.

No. These changes apply to all USD denominated BBMS accounts.  Accounts denominated in other currencies remain unchanged.

Have more questions? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Blackbaud Payment Services Account Executive for additional information.