North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank Taps Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Power


North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) faced more demand for food than ever when the COVID-19 crisis spiked, making donations critical. As the food bank sought to nourish its bustling 13-county area, it adapted to social distancing norms for volunteers and steered supporters to become virtual fundraisers, tapping into the power of JustGiving® from Blackbaud® to raise more than $57,000 in the first eight weeks with this flexible, donor-focused peer-to-peer solution.

Q: What attracted you to adopt JustGiving from Blackbaud as part of your fundraising strategies?

A: During this critical time, our supporters are looking for ways to give back  and make an immediate impact. Since hosting food drives are typically a volunteer opportunity, the pandemic makes this difficult. So, we created a Virtual Food Drive campaign through JustGiving. This allows our donors to fundraise with their peers and raise funds when they are needed most.

Q: What aspects of JustGiving have you found valuable?

A: Through JustGiving, our supporters can customize their campaign and their page to their liking. This allows them to connect their own beliefs to our mission and their personal fundraising pages become a way for them to express their story to others. It generates brand awareness and allows new supporters to get connected to the important work we do at the North Texas Food Bank.


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