Rolling Hills Community Church

Rolling Hills Community Church works smarter with solutions that work together.

Based in Tualatin, Oregon, Rolling Hills Community Church makes an impact through both local partnerships and global outreach efforts, using Blackbaud solutions to connect the church and power its ministries.

Rolling Hills Community Church operates with a mission: To reach the world one person at a time in learning to think, love, and live like Jesus. The church embraces outreach initiatives and welcomes as many as 1,800 churchgoers to Sunday services in Tualatin, Oregon, while reaching a total membership of 5,000 people. With Blackbaud’s seamless solutions for fund accounting and fundraising and relationship management, Rolling Hills can focus on making the greatest impact through local and international ministries.

Margie Turner has served as accounting director at Rolling Hills Community Church for 30 years and has seen a lot of changes. “We found Financial Edge to be the perfect marriage for our accounting software,” she said, recalling when the church started using Financial Edge in 2007. “Financial Edge allowed me to track all of our activities. It gives me a great tool to be able to drill down and figure out what’s going on and how we’re doing.”

About six months after they started using Financial Edge, Rolling Hills began having challenges with their fundraising and relationship management solution. Turner said she  and her assistant “basically went on strike” until the church decided to add Raiser’s Edge® and added, “We have never looked back.”

“I like the integration and how the software flows for us,” Turner said. “Having that integration with Raiser’s Edge into Financial Edge is really important for me.” The church uses Raiser’s Edge to keep track of events, and the ability to integrate that information into Financial Edge eliminates the need for long journal entries, “making my life simpler.”


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