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Join a Blackbaud event without ever leaving your office!

Our web seminars are a great way to learn about Blackbaud products and functionality, as well as tips and tricks to help you use our tools more effectively. All web seminars are free and last approximately one hour.

It’s easy to participate. Check out our series and their descriptions below. Select the web seminar on a date and time you wish to attend, click "Register Now", and complete the process.

Once you register, we will approve your registration in the next 24-48 hours. You will then receive a confirmation email with instructions for viewing the online presentation, as well as the telephone access number. To attend the session, all you’ll need is access to a computer capable of supporting the WebEx platform and a telephone. To ensure that your computer will support the WebEx presentation, you can test your system here.

If you have not received your confirmation e-mail or need your confirmation for a web seminar scheduled within the next 24 hours, please email webseminars@blackbaud.com and we will be happy to fill your request.

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A Decent Proposal: Grant Management Tips from the ProsHaving grant management experts share their insight is great, but it often leaves you with at least one question that didn't get answered. Join us for an upcoming event to get answers to your lingering questions on grant management.

Diane Leonard, president of DH Leonard Consulting, and Spencer Perlman, president of Washington Strategic Consulting, will lead this Q&A session on grant management. Diane and Spencer were both authors of Blackbaud's recent eBook, A Decent Proposal, which you can download for free here: https://hello.blackbaud.com/GMBU_5012_FINA_1HProgram_March_eBook_eBookRegistrationLP.html&usd=2&usg=ALhdy2_H2mZ9SHs7sJnL4EFOSR-Cf1dt5w"

Come to this session prepared with your questions on all things grant management and enjoy a unique opportunity to learn from the some of the industry’s best.

5/15/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
A Lesson on Budgeting from the Blackbaud Management TeamThe differences between for-profit and nonprofit accounting are endless, but the core budgeting principles remain the same. No one knows this better at Blackbaud than the people who handle our own budgets, the Blackbaud Finance Team.

During this live webinar, Blackbaud CFO Tony Boor will lead a discussion with Jagtar Narula, vice president of planning, and Tom Pate, vice president of business transformation, on best practices for effective budget management. The team will discuss why creating a budget should NOT be the first step, some key metrics that will help you measure your performance to budget, and how they have seen these principles work in nonprofit organizations.

We will reserve time at the conclusion of this event for question and answer. This is a free event.

4/16/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Add the power of Excel to your Financial Edge reportsNeed an easier way to report on Financial Edge data within Microsoft Excel? F9 for The Financial Edge is a powerful, easy to use financial reporting tool that dynamically links general ledger data to Microsoft Excel and is available for use with The Financial Edge. It's easy to learn - if you know Excel, you know F9. Join us to learn more about how F9 can be the bridge that connects your Financial Edge data with the power of Microsoft Excel.
4/24/20143:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/20/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Adding Culture into Peer-to-Peer FundraisingHave you ever participated in a walkathon or run? Peer-to-peer fundraising events like these are becoming increasingly popular because they are effective at raising money for nonprofits and causing exponential growth in event revenue.

But don’t think that just because your organization is a museum or performing arts theater, you can’t leverage this type of fundraising for your organization.

Join our nonprofit experts as they share how arts and cultural organizations are using peer-to-peer fundraising without hosting traditional events. We can show you the tools you need to make your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign a success.
5/7/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
8/7/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
11/6/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Altru® for General Admission OrganizationsJoin us for a 15-minute overview of Altru, the revolutionary technology that allows everyone to gain a clear view of your entire general admissions arts and cultural organization. Learn how you can become more efficient at the ticket counter, strategically increase your revenue, get and retain more members, and have all of your constituent interactions in one system. 
5/7/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
An Introduction to The Raiser’s Edge (i)™Join us for this 30-minute webinar to see how The Raiser’s Edge(i) can help your organization attract and retain supporters, raise more funds, make better use of time and resources, improve organizational effectiveness, and enable your mission. With built in smart analytics and mobile access, this is the last fundraising solution you will ever purchase!

5/13/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/10/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Are you certified in The Raiser's Edge?Have you heard? Blackbaud Certification in The Raiser’s Edge is now available! Our experts will be sharing information covered in each exam and how you can best prepare. Are you an Associate, Professional or Master? Sign up and find out!
4/23/20143:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/6/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/22/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Atlanta Community Food Bank Uses TeamRaiser to Take its 2014 Hunger Walk/Run to the Next LevelJoin Greg Sims, Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Annual Giving Manager, to hear how the Food Bank successfully used TeamRaiser and Go! to grow its 30 year event, the Hunger Walk/Run. Get new ideas for you event, and hear insider tips for making your event shine! 
5/1/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Blackbaud CRM Quarterly Roadmap ReviewIn this roadmap review, the Blackbaud CRM product management and marketing team will share the strategic plan for the next release of Blackbaud CRM and beyond, as well as focus on numerous key features.
5/8/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Blackbaud School Management Solutions for Your K-12 School: Product WebinarsFor more than 30 years, Blackbaud has helped schools like yours connect information across departments to simply and effectively manage the entire academic experience. Our solutions handle everything from new student registrations to alumni relations, so you can focus your time building relationship with students and their families.

Choose a product tour below to learn how Blackbaud can help your school begin its journey toward better school management.

Monday, April 28--1 P.M ET  Fundraising Solutions: Find out how The Raiser’s Edge can help you raise more money for your school. 

Monday, April 28--2 P.M ET- Student Information Management Solutions:Find out how The Education Edge and Online Admissions & Re-Enrollment can help you better manage your student information

Tuesday, April 29--2 P.M ET- Financial Management Solutions: Find out how The Financial Edge and Student Billing can help you get your accounting in order and get paid faster/online by families.

Tuesday, April 29-- 12 P.M ET  Content Management Solutions: Find out how Online Campus Community and WordPress templates can help you create an online community for your school.

4/28/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
4/28/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
4/29/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
4/29/201412:00 PM ETRegister Now
Breastcancer.org breaks down silos through multi-channel fundraising with Luminate Online MarketingHear how Luminate Online Marketing helped Breastcancer.org grow its fundraising campaigns in this free webinar. Join Lauren Hughes, director of development at Breastcancer.org, as she talks about how Luminate Online Marketing allowed the organization to:
• Create a personalized welcome series for new donors
• Accept online donations easily and quickly
• Implement and manage creative sustainer campaigns around #GivingTuesday, Valentine’s Day, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month
• Empower the staff at Breatcancer.org to analyze campaign activity and quickly adjust with simple reporting tools 
• Activate social sharing tools to grow visibility at Breastcancer.org
5/8/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Content Management Webinars for K-12 SchoolsJoin us on a journey toward better school management and register for our series of best practices webinars led by industry leaders, your peers, and Blackbaud K-12 experts. Pick the webinars according to the office you work in, or attend them all!

How Dr. Seuss Can Help Your School Rock Digital Storytelling: Thursday, March 20 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Kelley Jarrett, Blackbaud; Jaime Lassman, The Lexington School

Creating an Online Marketing Plan to Attract New Students and Engage Existing Families: Thursday, April 10 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Doreen Meeks-Hewes, John Paul II High School

What to Do Before You Open the Data Curtains to Your School: Thursday, May 15 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Rachel Welsh, The Shipley School 

Digital Citizenship: Learn the Rules of the Road: Thursday, June 12 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Jon Jarc, Saint Ignatius High School

How to Attract New Families and Retain Your Current Ones: Friday, June 13 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Brendan Schneider, Sewickley Academy 
5/15/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/12/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Creating Your YMCA’s Next Peer-to-Peer CampaignIn our American and Canadian Next Generation study, one trend stood out: More than 74% of all donors say they have given at least once to a friend’s cause. As a YMCA fundraiser, you know peer-to-peer asks are essential, but are you taking advantage of all the online peer-to-peer tools available? 

Learn how peer-to-peer fundraising with TeamRaiser can empower your campaigners, increase your reach, and help you effectively engage and manage all of your stakeholders. Jori Taylor, interactive strategy consultant at Blackbaud, will cover how your YMCA can incorporate peer-to-peer fundraising into your next campaign. She’ll also discuss real-world examples and useful tips for developing an online peer-to-peer campaign. 
5/8/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Drive alumni commitment through multi - channel communicationLack of a proper strategy for online communication and alumni management can lead to poor engagement and be difficult to turn your alumni into life long supporters. Do you have the tools to establish and maintain constituent engagement? Can you drive alumni commitment through multiple communication channels? Have you created an online community for alumni to connect with their peers and receive up to date information? Join industry experts and we dive into best practices guarantee to turn alumni into donors and life long supporters of your school or university. 
4/17/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/15/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/12/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Enter data into The Raiser's Edge® faster with ImportOmatic™You no longer have to spend time and resources getting data from outside sources into The Raiser's Edge. With ImportOmatic, you'll have seamless integration and easy interface with The Raiser's Edge. ImportOmatic performs on-the-fly duplicate record matching allowing organizations to quickly process constituent, address, relationship, gift, volunteer, tribute, and event records simultaneously. Join us for this webinar to learn more about this advanced importing tool and how it can decrease your data processing time and increase the integrity of your Raiser's Edge database.
5/27/20143:00 PM ETRegister Now
Financial Management Webinars for K-12 SchoolsJoin us on a journey toward better school management and register for our series of best practices webinars led by industry leaders, your peers, and Blackbaud K-12 experts. Pick the webinars according to the office you work in, or attend them all!

The Advantages of an Integrated Billing Platform: Wednesday, March 19 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Jeff Sobers, Blackbaud 

Graduate to Better Decision Making: Friday, April 11 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Jeff Sobers, Blackbaud 

Cure the Bookstore Blues: Friday, May 16 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Jeff Sobers, Blackbaud 

Did you make the grade?: Friday, June 13 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Jeff Sobers, Blackbaud
5/16/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/13/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Fundraising Webinars for K-12 SchoolsJoin us on a journey toward better school management and register for our series of best practices webinars led by industry leaders, your peers, and Blackbaud K-12 experts. Pick the webinars according to the office you work in, or attend them all!

How to Write a Successful School Fundraising Plan: Tuesday, March 18 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Joe Garecht, The Fundraising Authority 

How to Create Great Newsletters to Boost Your School’s Fundraising: Tuesday, April 8 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Joe Garecht, The Fundraising Authority 

How to Host Great Fundraising Events for Your School: Tuesday, May 13 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Joe Garecht, The Fundraising Authority 

Finding and Approaching Major Donors: Tuesday, June 10 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Joe Garecht, The Fundraising Authority 
5/13/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/10/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Grateful Patient Solutions: A Smart Way to Manage Your DataDo you struggle with the amount of grateful patient data you have imported into your Raiser's Edge database? Are you looking for a way to score your patient information and import it into The Raiser's Edge in a smart way? 

With Target Analytics and ImportOmatic™’s Grateful Patient solution, you can score your patient data and import your high scorers into your Raiser’s Edge database. Lower scoring patient data will reside in a “holding area” until those patients make a donation. Keep all of your data without having to sort through your entire database on a daily basis. 

Join us for a best-practice view of Grateful Patient processes during this free webinar. 
5/22/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Higher Education Institutions can Increase Efficiencies with ImportOmatic™ for The Raiser’s EdgeBlackbaud and Omatic Software have partnered to provide you with a flexible import tool for The Raiser's Edge. With ImportOmatic™, your institution can import information from your SIS directly into your Raiser’s Edge database. ImportOmatic™ performs on-the-fly duplicate record matching allowing you to quickly process constituent, address, relationship, gift, volunteer, tribute, and event record information simultaneously.

Join us to learn more about how ImportOmatic™ can decrease your data processing time, while increasing the integrity of your Raiser's Edge database.

5/1/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
How does your email communication program rank?In this co-hosted webinar with Dunham+Company™, Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud’s lab idea director, is reviewing how your nonprofit can better you donor email communications. Based on the Online Fundraising Scorecard, discover how you can: 

• Increase your open rates 
• Attract more visitors to your website 
• Receive more donations 
4/22/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
How does your online donation experience score?Join us for a co-hosted webinar with Dunham+Company™ and Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud’s idea lab director, as they review the Online Fundraising Scorecard. They’ll be sharing results from the study, as well as examples of how your nonprofit can improve its online donation experience, including how you can: 

• Grow donations 
• Increase web traffic 
• Create top tier campaigns 
4/16/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Increase Online Fundraising with a Multi-Channel StrategyAre you trying to acquire new donors, increase retention rates, and/or raise more money?  Building an integrated online and offline approach to communicating and cultivating donors is the key to supporter engagement.  And better engagement leads to better results. Learn how Blackbaud can help you grow your house file, engage and cultivate your supporters and increase your fundraising revenue.  
4/16/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/21/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/18/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Index of Higher Education Fundraising PerformanceTarget Analytics® invites you to join Shaun Keister, PhD, vice chancellor of the University of California-Davis, for our online presentation of the Index of Higher Education Fundraising Performance. Each year, Blackbaud compiles fundraising data from a broad sample of schools to evaluate overall trends in higher education fundraising. Don’t miss the opportunity to examine trends and evaluate the aggregated performance of public and private institutions across the country.

4/30/201411:00 AM ETRegister Now
Internet Marketing for Independent Schools: Are You Doing Enough?For K-12 Independent Schools. Interested in improving your website but not sure where to begin? Look for inspiration and learn how you stack up against other Independent Schools on this tour of websites built with Online Campus Community. Discover website best practices and cutting edge internet marketing techniques.
6/13/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Introducing eTapestry®: An Overview and Demo for FundraisersYour supporters are the most valuable asset of your organization. But does your data give you an accurate view of their potential? The expanse of data available to nonprofits today requires thinking beyond just collecting data to analyzing it and managing it effectively. Join us for this 30-minute webinar to see a demonstration of how eTapestry helps you identify your best prospects, manage data quality, and overcome limitations of time, money, and staff to exceed your fundraising goals.
4/23/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/7/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/21/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Introducing TeamRaiser – Your one stop shop for event fundraisingTap into the personal networks of your strongest supporters, mobilize volunteers over the Internet, and turn your event teams into active fundraisers. TeamRaiser is a complete online event fundraising software with tools to help your nonprofit recruit, maximize participant fundraising, and maintain momentum long after your events. Join us for this webinar for an inside look at how TeamRaiser can work for your nonprofit.
6/18/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
K12 Quarterly Roadmap ReviewAre you a current Blackbaud customer who uses one of our K12 solutions? Join us for this two part series on the Blackbaud K12 product roadmap. Our product management team will present the forward-looking vision for the K12 product suite and review features planned for future releases. This webinar will focus primarily on education solutions like The Education Edge™. 

Note: This webinar is for current Blackbaud customers only. 
7/17/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Learn the Crowdfund-amentalsThere’s a lot of buzz around crowdfunding for higher education institutions these days, and in our webinar, our expert will teach you the fundamentals of crowdfunding and how you can use it in your fundraising strategies. Hear how other institutions have incorporated it into their programs, and get tips for creating your own crowdfunding strategies. 
5/5/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Luminate Online Product TourYou've got great ideas about using your website for fundraising and email campaigns, leveraging social media, and making your site accessible from mobile devices, but do you have the tools in place to do them?

Join us for this free event where we will demonstrate how Luminate Online can take your website to new heights.
4/24/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/22/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Make a Big Impact with Big Data FundraisingCultural organizations often have a lot of data, but knowing what data is important can be the difference in an outstanding fundraising campaign and an average one. 

One of the most important pieces of data your organization can have is a true 360-degree view of your supporters. Having this information can lead to: 
• More unrestricted, mission-based donations 
• Higher average gifts 
• Stronger retention 
• Reduced fundraising costs 

Join us for our webinar as we discuss how your organization can use data to improve its fundraising. 
4/23/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Manage constituents, not paper with PaperSave for The Raiser's EdgeSpending too much time searching for information or photocopying gifts? Are paper files taking over your office space? Re-evaluating your development office procedures? Register now to learn how to go paperless and drive efficiency through your Development Office with PaperSave for The Raiser’s Edge. From intuitive document capture to electronic workflow approvals, see how PaperSave can save you time and money!
5/21/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Maximize Your College’s Giving Potential with The Raiser’s EdgeNever lose track of another alumni or former student again. With The Raiser’s Edge, you can ensure that you have the most up-to-date data on any student that passes through your doors. Easily reach out and manage their personal information, event attendance, donation history, and giving potential. Don’t miss your chance to connect and make former students current donors!
5/13/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/10/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Multi-Channel Marketing Magic: The Trick to Effective FundraisingTo be effective, fundraising must be integrated across multiple channels of communication. Blending traditional media, like direct mail and radio ads, with digital channels, like email and social media, is critical to reaching your donors and boosting donations. You’re probably already using multiple channels to communicate to, solicit, and cultivate your donors, but the real magic is in the mix. This webinar explores how to find the right fundraising formula for your organization to plan an effective multi-channel campaign and increase revenue.
4/22/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
4/29/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/20/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Navigating the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web PortalJoin us for our webinar as we explore all of the extensive features of the Blackbaud Merchant Services™ web portal. We’ll show you how to:

• Use the virtual terminal
• Add merchant accounts
• Create users and roles
• Set up mobile card readers for Blackbaud MobilePay
• Export detail and summary reports

You’ll have the opportunity to ask in-depth questions about the web portal as you learn best practices. Not currently using Blackbaud Merchant Services? We recommend you join us for our webinar, Streamlining Your Payment Processing, first where you'll learn how Blackbaud Merchant Services can simplify your payment processes.
4/23/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/8/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/21/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/4/20142:00 P.M ETRegister Now
6/18/20142:00 P.M ETRegister Now
New eTapestry® Packages: Overview for CustomersJoin Lauren Dalpee and Mike Rusche to take a dive into the exciting new features included in eTapestry packages. Lauren Dalpee, product marketer, will provide an overview of the extra value added to each package level, and Mike Rusche, product manager, will showcase new product functionality including the Data Health Score Card and NCOA.
5/6/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
New to Hosting? It’s time to on board.Join us for this highly valuable web seminar that will give you the skills you need to master your hosted product.  We start with an overview of the hosting environment. We'll demonstrate logging in, user administration, files folder, printing, and much more. We'll also discuss best practices and where you can find resources to help you along the way.  By the end of this short session, you will master the cloud!
4/23/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/7/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/21/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Nonprofit Leadership CircleWe’re keeping you current every month with our webinar series, Nonprofit Leadership Circle. These sessions are designed to keep you up-to-date with trends in governance and leadership. This month’s session will discuss new laws and trends for 2014. Nonprofit senior leaders, executive management, and board members should plan to attend this free webinar.  
4/17/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Recognizing and Motivating Your ParticipantsEveryone uses social media to stay connected, and it’s a great tool that your organization can use to boost its peer-to-peer fundraising. The key to a successful social media strategy is to go beyond receiving “like”s on your Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, and Instagram® posts. Instead, you need to truly interact with your constituents. In this webinar, Captain Andy will show you specific ways to grow your reach on social media in just a few steps.
4/23/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/4/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Recruiting Your “Dream Team”The more you grow your number of participants, the more your event will grow. So how can you get people to come out, year after year? You gather what we call a “Dream Team” of advocates to help you. In this webinar, Captain Andy will walk you through where you can find those people, how you can get them to say “yes” to your event, and how you can nurture them into becoming your “Dream Team” leaders.  
5/6/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Show the Love: Thoughtful Engagement to Retain SupportersJoin us for a webinar series based on the newest ebook from npEXPERTS, Share the Love: Thoughtful Engagement to Retain Supporters. Leading experts have come together to share fundraising ideas, best practices, and years of experience in helping nonprofits boost donor retention. Learn how you can put their ideas into practice! 
4/16/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/7/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/28/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/3/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Streamline Budget Processes with PowerPlan® Advanced Budget Management for The Financial EdgeTired of sourcing different resources for your budget, forecasting, and planning process? Keep it all in one place with a solution that integrates with The Financial Edge. PowerPlan® Advanced Budget Management accommodates the entire business performance management process allowing you to produce reliable results with a solution that streamlines your overall budget management process. Join us for this webinar as we review the how PowerPlan® Advanced Budget Management can work for your Financial Edge solution.
5/28/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Streamlining your Online Payment ProcessingIs your finance department spending too much time trying to understand your payment processes? Blackbaud Merchant Services™ can simplify your processing while saving your organization time and money. Our solution experts will demonstrate how you can select a payment processor and how to get the most out of your mobile payment solution. 

Join us for this highly interactive session where you’ll be able to ask our experts all of your payment processing questions. Can't wait to get the conversation started? chat live with Blackbaud Merchant Services representatives today.

4/17/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
4/30/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/14/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/28/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
Student Information Management Webinars for K-12 SchoolsJoin us on a journey toward better school management and register for our series of best practices webinars led by industry leaders, your peers, and Blackbaud K-12 experts. Pick the webinars according to the office you work in, or attend them all!

Spring Forward: How to Finish up This Year and Get Ahead for Next Year: Friday, March 21 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Kristen Vila, Blackbaud; Mark Govatos, Crossroads School 

Data and Policy Best Practices: Wednesday, April 9 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Rachel Welsh, The Shipley School 

Enhancing Student Information Management with Third-Party Solutions: Tuesday, May 13 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Kate Schandler, Shady Side Academy 

Communicating with Modern Families: Wednesday, May 14 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Barbee Thomas, Saint Ignatius High School 

The Value of Online Admissions and Re-enrollment: Wednesday, June 11 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Kathy Hannon and Rachel Ramos, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy 
5/13/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
5/14/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
6/11/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Support Web Seminars for The Raiser's EdgeThe Raiser's Edge Support Web Seminars are a great way to learn about new functionality, tips and tricks, and how to make the most of your software so you can focus on your mission. All Support Web Seminars are hosted by Customer Support Analysts and are free as a benefit of your maintenance.

For details on the topics covered in a specific Web Seminar, click the Event name below.

Note: For Q&A topic sessions, please watch the pre-recorded web seminar before the scheduled session. Q&A web seminars are an open forum to ask questions to Support and fellow users about topics covered in the corresponding web seminar video.

4/22/201410:00 A.M EDTRegister Now
4/30/20144:00 P.M EDTRegister Now
5/9/201411:00 A.M EDTRegister Now
5/15/20142:00 P.M EDTRegister Now
5/19/201412:00 P.M EDTRegister Now
5/21/20143:00 P.M EDTRegister Now
5/29/20145:00 P.M EDTRegister Now
6/3/20149:00 A.M EDTRegister Now
Taking Payments with Blackbaud MobilePay™Want to learn more about how your organization can accept payments on the go? Join us for a live video demonstration as we show how easy it is to use Blackbaud MobilePay to take credit card payments using an iPhone® (iPad® or Android® devices can also be used). We’ll also demonstrate how to view MobilePay transactions in real time, how to export detailed information for financial analysis, and how to import financial data into Blackbaud applications.
5/6/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
The 2013 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Participant Fundraising StudyPeer-to-peer fundraising events, like runs, walks, and rides, have become a critical revenue stream for nonprofit organizations. These events provide opportunities for nonprofits to not only raise more money but also to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their supporters. 

The 2013 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Participant Fundraising Study offers a better understanding of the value of peer-to-peer participants. Team captains are a small and mighty group, but what’s their total impact on events? Join us for this webinar and find out! 

Blackbaud’s Amy Braiterman and Nancy Palo will share how this study can help you understand where you are today and opportunities for growth within peer-to-peer fundraising. Sign up to join this dynamic duo for a fun and educational session! 
4/16/20142:00 PM ETRegister Now
The 2014 Target Analytics Index of Direct Marketing FundraisingThe Target Analytics Index of National Fundraising Performance analyzes direct marketing giving for many of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country. Based on the results of the 2013 Index, this webinar will present fundraising trends—based on actual donor gift data—from among 80 of the largest and most recognized nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Hear from Carol Rhine, principal fundraising analyst for Target Analytics, to evaluate significant multi-year metrics, such as donor acquisition, retention, and revenue per donor by various sectors within our participating sample. Gain valuable insight that can help you and your clients interpret donor behavior. 

4/28/20143:00 P.M ETRegister Now
The Financial Edge™ for Grant ManagementYour organization is pumped because a new grant just came in, but everyone in the finance department knows this is when their job begins. Getting an accurate report in the format the grantor wants often requires spreadsheets, duplicate data entry, and more. There has to be a better way, right? 

Check out The Financial Edge, an accounting software designed for the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. That means processes and reports for grant management are built right into the system! Join us for this 30-minute webinar to see how The Financial Edge can revolutionize grant management at your nonprofit

4/24/20141:00 PM ETRegister Now
Your Fundraising to the Next Level with the Blackbaud Index – CanadaJoin Danielle Johnson, interactive strategy consultant at Blackbaud, as she reviews the main findings of The Blackbaud Index – Canada. Using the Index as a benchmark, she’ll teach you how to build a fundraising program that is easy to manage, engages your constituents, and generates revenue for your organization.

Learn more about Canadian fundraising trends and best practices by attending this free webinar. There will be an interactive question and answer session at the end. Space is limited, so register today.

4/24/201412:00 PM ETRegister Now

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