Are you Leaving Value on the Table? Expanding our Approach to Qualification and Cultivation

How many of your identified prospects never fully engage in a qualification or cultivation process? These are valuable prospects who do not see the value in meeting with a Gift Officer…yet!

The University of Delaware (UD) has calculated that approximately 90% of high value unassigned prospects do not respond to gift officer outreach and UD is doing something about that.

Join Katharine Wiseman, Director of Donor Insights at University of Delaware, and Stacy Rooney, Senior Principal Strategic Consultant at Blackbaud to learn about value you might be leaving on the table by focusing only on Gift Officer pathways to Major Giving including:

  • Innovative approaches University of Delaware is taking to address the untapped value in these identified prospects

  • Untapped value in your own prospect pool

  • Envisioning a future of fundraising that maximizes on all value