Are You Stewarding Responsibly?
The Art of Managing, Rather Than Mitigating, Risk

Just as practitioners seek to dismantle structural racism, grants management professionals have a role to break down barriers we erected to “protect” foundation resources. PEAK Grantmaking advances five Principles that guide their work with the philanthropic sector. One of their principles, Steward Responsively, urges funders to reframe how they see and respond to risk- acknowledging the power dynamic and where funders can be empowered to manage-rather than mitigate or eliminate- risk.

To do so, funders must anticipate and adapt to change of all kinds, sharing grantmaking information openly, using technology and data effectively, and serving as facilitators of the grantmaking process rather than guards of the assets.

In this live online event, PEAK Grantmaking President and CEO, Satonya Fair, will build on her recent article, The Myth of Risk: How to make good on the promise of “big bets” in philanthropy, and will advance PEAK’s call to action that “the biggest risk that funders face is not doing enough.”

The knowledge that Satonya will share will be of interest to any and all staff levels of community, corporate, independent & family foundations, and have you coming away with how grant management professionals can connect the dots between knowledge, systems, and relationships to assess and manage risk, seeking creative solutions to remove barriers to impact.