Creating a Culture of Transparency

What It Means, Why It’s Important, and How to Do It Right in Your Nonprofit

Transparency in the nonprofit sector is much more than simply posting your 990 and audited financial statements on your website. When done consistently and with intention, transparency can be a tool that nonprofits can proactively use to attract donors, build trust with them, and increase donations.

Putting all your numbers on the table can feel scary, especially for nonprofits whose financial position might not be that rosy. In this white paper, nonprofit financial expert Stephanie Skryzowski breaks down the common barriers to being a more transparent nonprofit and shares tips on how to overcome these challenges, including:

  • How to empower and inspire your finance teams to build a culture of transparency
  • What steps your nonprofit can take—both internally and externally—to become more transparent
  • Why you should leverage technology to make sharing your financial reports easier and more streamlined

Download this white paper to help your nonprofit make the shift to a more transparent culture and build more trust with your stakeholders.