Using Data Intelligence to Drive Your Direct Response Fundraising

Are you looking to acquire new donors or cultivate existing donors? Allowing the data to drive your strategy takes the guess work out of direct-response fundraising. Digital channels continue to grow and become more popular than traditional channels. However, when working in combination together social media, email communications, and direct mail are a more powerful means of reaching your donors than ever before. According to the latest research, fundraisers are seeing a 25% lift when using email and direct mail together.

During this webinar, we’ll examine how Blackbaud’s Direct Marketing Insights solutions will help you identify ways to:

  • Focus marketing resources on the most likely supporters first
  • Avoid waste by de-prioritizing less likely supporters
  • Reduce waste and increase response by engaging each supporter through the channel(s) they are most likely to respond through
  • Segment constituents by persona group and tailor an engagement strategy to each segment
  • Avoid a “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy and achieve a persona-tailored engagement strategy for each constituent

Presenter: Scott Eisenstein, Senior Principal Solutions Consultant, Analytics and Data Intelligence at Blackbaud