Down with RFPs

Bridging the Chasm Between Grants Managers and Technologists

Grants managers are expert problem-solvers adept at navigating complex compliance requirements and risk mitigation. However, technology migrations for grants management systems (GMS) can significantly slow their work and impact.

The traditional approach of writing detailed Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to vet and select technology and implementation partners creates a transactional dynamic that exacerbates power imbalances and hampers transparency. Additionally, there is often a language barrier between grants managers and technologists.

In this webinar, we explore reinventing the relationship between grants managers and technology partners. Instead of getting mired in technical requirements in RFPs, we discuss:

  • Articulating a clear vision for how technology supports deeper relationships, partner engagement, and scaled impact
  • Focusing on desired outcomes rather than feature checklists
  • Developing practices that foster mutual understanding between grants managers and technologists
  • Building long-term partnerships grounded in transparency and shared values

This is an insightful discussion on bridging the chasm between the grants management and technology worlds. Our panel of seasoned grants managers and technology leaders share practical strategies for cultivating collaborative relationships centered on achieving your organization’s mission and generating greater impact.