Embrace Knowledge Opportunities for an Effective Grant Strategy

How to Embrace Knowledge Work for Equitable Change

Grantmaking takes place in an increasingly complex world, and we are inundated with more information and new approaches to philanthropic strategy. Amidst the complexity and strategy buzz, grants professionals need to make the best use of our knowledge work to support the most effective decision making possible for the most equitable change possible.

In this white paper, Dr. Angela Frusciante explains the importance of knowledge work and shared meaning making for grantmakers, including:

  • How to introduce an equity focus through knowledge work

  • How knowledge work can encourage exploration and creativity in your grantmaking approach

  • Why knowledge work can be the steadying force when testing a new grant strategy

Download this white paper to learn more about how to harness the knowledge work your team is already doing to create a more effective grantmaking strategy.