Equity-Driven Grantmaking:

Transforming Hospital Foundations for Community Well-Being

Clinical care on its own is not enough to address the demands of today’s healthcare needs. In fact, clinical care accounts for only 20% of a person’s overall health status.

The remaining 80% are influenced by Social Drivers of Health (SDOH) such as income, education, housing, food, and the environment.

In this whitepaper by Amy Dorrill, Principal at Accordant, she outlines how hospital foundations can move beyond clinical care to support their communities, including:

  • Identifying the benefits of a more holistic view of community health, including reducing readmission and creating savings for the community and the hospital

  • Recognizing the barriers that limit a deeper commitment to holistic community well-being, including limited partnerships and a short-term perspective

  • Suggestions on how to fund a strategic grantmaking program that moves beyond clinical care

  • Providing examples of hospitals and healthcare organizations that have launched successful strategic community grantmaking programs

If you are ready to make the move to more equity-driven grantmaking for your hospital foundation, download this whitepaper to learn how.