5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Community During Times of Crisis

How the Two Ten Footwear Foundation Incorporated Responsive Grantmaking into Their Processes

Responsive grantmaking means assessing and pivoting to address ever-changing needs. To be responsive without burning out their entire staff with a constantly shifting focus, the Two Ten Footwear Foundation looked to their technology and processes to save time and improve efficiency.

In this short guide, Lisa Tacker, the Vice President of Relief Program & Information Services, outlines five ways the Two Ten Footwear Foundation incorporated Responsive Grantmaking principles so they could better respond to their communities, including:

  • Creating more options for feedback

  • Building relationships with other organizations to provide ancillary services their grantees needed

  • Identifying new opportunities to serve based on their grantee data

Download these tips and begin taking the steps to meet the evolving needs of your grantees during times of crisis.