7 Tips to Incorporating Empathy and Redefining Impact in Grantmaking

Getting Started with Collaborative Grantmaking

As humans, we often confuse execution with impact. By taking a more collaborative approach to grantmaking and identifying solutions for your impact area, you can create real results that meet the needs of your community.

During our two-part webinar series with philanthropy expert Heather Hiscox, she shared tips on how organizations could incorporate Collaborative Grantmaking to create the best solutions for stakeholders, including:

  • How to rethink best practices to focus on what your community needs right now

  • How to gather qualitative data through storytelling, in addition to your quantitative data

  • When to check in with your community to make sure the solution will match their needs

Download this tip sheet to start building collaborative grantmaking relationships that help you better understand the needs of your community.