Our Vision: A Better World

At Blackbaud, our vision is to power an Ecosystem of Good® that builds a better world.

One where everyone has meaningful opportunities to drive impact. One where we achieve more together than we can apart. One where good can take over.

Drive More Good, More Effectively

What does a better world look like? Building a better world will take a strong social economy. The social economy is where social good is produced – whether it’s in the public, private, or social sector. And a strong social economy means that, together, we can drive more good, more effectively.

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We believe that we each have the opportunity to work in ways that not only advance our own social good goals but strengthen the social economy. How? Through three key initiatives.

Unleash the Power of Data

Organizations that are committed to building a thriving social economy are not only fueled by data, but committed to responsibly share data that can strengthen the space.

That’s one reason we’re passionate about releasing reports and research through the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact – it’s our way of giving back and helping to arm you with insights to help guide your strategy.

Drive Radical Collaboration

Ambitious goals for a better world – like the sustainable development goals – require collaboration as tough as steel. For us at Blackbaud, it starts with powering an ecosystem of good that enables all of us to accomplish more together.

 At Blackbaud, we’ve started by integrating Global Goals taxonomy into our software – so that organizations and corporations pursuing social good can map outcomes against this shared roadmap, and gain deeper insight into shared progress.


Catalyse Individual Impact

Passionate individuals are driving more impact than ever before possible. They are not looking for organizations or companies to define their priorities. Rather they are looking for us to listen to them and provide meaningful outlets for their passion. Today’s challenge amplifying the passion and voices of change agents in high-impact ways.

At Blackbaud, we’re giving individual change agents the tools they need to scale their impact.

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It’s Who We Are

Our commitment to building a better world is central to everything we do.

Empowering our employees as individual agents of good.

Contributing to the ecosystem of good through our corporate social responsibility practices.

Helping our customers strengthen the broader social economy by powering an ecosystem of good with our software, services, data intelligence, and expertise.

Powering an Ecosystem of Good

We’re proud to connect people and organizations to each other, so they can drive impact for the causes that matter to them — because we accomplish more together than apart.