From a Shot in the Dark to a Targeted Approach

Blackbaud’s Grateful Patient Solution helps health care nonprofits utilize analytics and software to identify prospects for patient-to-donor conversion. Learn how Hudson Headwaters Health Network went from sending thousands of prospect appeal letters to a targeted approach using this service, including identifying the best patient prospects and specific engagement strategies to grow their pool of donors and realize return on investment (ROI).

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Get a brief overview of Blackbaud’s Grateful Patient Solution
  • Learn how Hudson Headwaters Health Network utilizes Grateful Patient Solutions for a targeted approach to stewarding grateful patients with specific next steps once data is exported, along with communications and engagement taken with patients and donors.
  • Discover ways to manage and maintain your grateful patient program, as well as recommended tweaks your organization can make for continuous process improvement by measuring your ROI.