How Finance and Development Teams Can Partner to Strengthen Donor Stewardship

Best Practices Helped to Increase Giving by $23 Million

Get actionable tips from Gary Livesay, Director of Finance at PeaceHealth Foundations, and Tammy (Batchelor) Bocian, CFRE, bCRE, COO and Partner at Cause and Solution, as they share best practices for how finance and development can partner to strengthen donor stewardship for healthcare foundations. Relying on their decades of experience, they will share three key areas they’ve seen finance and fundraising staff work together to improve donor stewardship—with the ultimate goal of increasing donor trust and growing gifts.

A Note from Gary and Tammy

We have put a lot of work into strengthening donor stewardship at PeaceHealth Foundations, and it has paid off. Our finance, development, and leadership teams are working together with the donor’s best interest in mind. We know this partnership is building strong donor relationships based on transparency and open communication. We hope that some of our best practices will help to put your organization on the path to effective donor stewardship.
—Gary & Tammy

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