Data-Driven Major Giving: Raising More Money on a Lean Budget

Fundraisers can perform at the top of their game in any economy if they have the tools for success. No tool is more important than your fundraising data. Applying it in a predictive, forecastable way can drive your operation, your goals, and your outcomes.

When data informs fundraiser actions, such as visits and proposals, gift officers excel, even if the budget constricts. Top fundraising teams track four key metrics:

  • Officer metrics: Accountability is essential, with every fundraiser’s goals pegged to their experience, pipeline, and tenure

  • Portfolio optimization: Look to the data to identify stronger leads with the capacity and inclination to give to your mission

  • Moves management: Measure the prospect journey from discovery through stewardship

  • Pipeline health: Leverage donor and fundraiser performance data to become a well-oiled machine at every gift band