Effective Talent Management in Higher Education

Develop a Talent Management Strategy for Future Success
Talent management encompasses the hiring, training, goal setting, and 
retention strategies managers use to develop high-performing teams. In 
the higher education advancement office, a thoughtful talent management 
strategy directly impacts the ability to do good fundraising work. With the 
right people doing targeted work, institutions are better able to meet their 
fundraising goals. 

Optimizing an institution’s talent management strategy requires assessing 
current processes and mapping them to future goals. Here’s where to focus 
in order to develop a process for the future:

  • Assessing the Institution's Talent Management Strategy
  • Finding the Right Talent for Now and the Future
  • Highlighting the Right Incentives to Secure the Right Candidate
  • Developing Onboarding, Training and Goal Setting Programs
  • Retaining Top Talent
  • Taking an Institution's Talent Management Strategy Forward

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