Moves Management Fundamentals: 5 Steps to Turn Prospects into Donors

Top-performing fundraisers follow the moves management cycle, a proven method of guiding prospects toward major giving. Becoming skilled at the five stages of moves management can significantly boost donor engagement, donor retention, and major giving revenue. Here are a few more benefits of moves management for organizations using Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management™:

  • Better organization: Categorize your relationships with prospects and track your progress along the giving continuum.

  • Improved efficiency: Identify and qualify the most promising prospects to focus your efforts only on those most likely to give.

  • More robust donor base: Cultivating best-qualified leads helps you streamline your strategy for securing larger gifts.

There are five steps to moves management, but dozens of tips in this short white paper. Download it now and become more confident about making the right moves at the right time with the right prospects!