How Grantmakers Can Jumpstart a Culture of Well-Being

A Toolkit to Encourage Employee Wellness at Your Organization and Those You Support

Creating a healthier workplace for yourself, employees, and grantees requires a long-term commitment to transforming burnout culture—where exhaustion is an accepted norm—to a culture that supports our whole health and fuels us to do good work in a sustainable way for the long haul.

To support your journey, this toolkit outlines five ways you can get started with cultivating a culture of well-being for your organization, including:

  • Why it has to start with you—the organization’s leadership—and how to do it
  • How to assess your organization’s current level of workplace well-being
  • What is an organizational well-being vision statement and why you need one
  • How to create an action plan towards improved wellness and what should be included

Download this toolkit today to help you create an organization where your employees and your grantees thrive.