8 Ways Grantmakers Can Guide Their Grantees to Financial Sustainability

A Tip Sheet to Help Fill Grantee Knowledge Gaps on Managing Multi-Year, Unrestricted Gifts

The traditional one-year grant cycle has created a funding hamster wheel that often keeps grantees heads-down on applications to avoid a gap in revenue. The growth of trust-based philanthropy principles with multi-year, unrestricted funds is starting to shift organizations from that scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

In our recent webinar with Clare Golla, National Managing Director of Bernstein’s Philanthropic Services, she shares how, with the right support and resources, multi-year, unrestricted gifts can help your grantees build a mindset of opportunity and excitement, including helping them:

  • Avoid decision paralysis that often comes from a significant and unexpected event

  • Put processes around their fiduciary framework

  • Establish strong fiduciary infrastructure, such as an Investment Committee and Investment Policy Statement

Download this tip sheet today to start giving your grantees what they need to thrive alongside your organization-changing donations.