Internal Controls for Grantmakers

How to Drive Operational Efficiency for Better Outcomes

An important part of building trust at a grantmaking organization is to create and sustain a culture that supports the effective, efficient, and ethical use of resources. The organization earns the trust of stakeholders by providing reliable information about what is going on with funds and charitable works. Grantmaking organizations demonstrate trustworthiness to their communities as well as governmental entities by being good corporate citizens who comply with all relevant laws and requirements.

The good news is that all this trust-building activity is supported by strong internal controls.

In this white paper from author and trainer Lucy Morgan, she explains the goal of internal controls and how grantmaking organizations can use them to drive more impact, including:

  • The five components of strong internal controls
  • The seven primary benefits of strong internal controls for grantmakers
  • How to develop a consistent tone at the top to support your internal controls

Download this white paper to help your grantmaking organization establish and maintain a strong culture of internal controls.