Maximizing Impact with Minimal Resources: A Guide to Effective Alumni Fundraising for K-12 Schools

Need a fresh perspective on connecting with alumni of your K–12 school to fortify and expand your fundraising program? In this comprehensive eBook, the experts in fundraising technology and techniques at Blackbaud have partnered with the experts in alumni-focused strategy at Almabase to show your advancement team how to weather any economic storm. The secret? Commit to nurturing your alumni relationships in the most effective ways.

  • Digital transformation: Discover how modern tools can help you engage alumni and make your work more efficient

  • Sustainable giving: Learn why (and how) the monthly giving model is such a game-changer for K–12 schools

  • Giving Day: Launch an irresistible event with peer-to-peer fundraising and our handy step-by-step Giving Day checklist

  • Alumni support: Offer meaningful programs and resources when your graduates need it most

Your school has so much to gain from the dozens of tips in this publication. Download it now and feel empowered to overcome any economic challenge!