Learning and Unlearning to be Next Level

In the tech sector, there’s a term you hear during integrations: “Garbage in. Garbage out.” While bringing a new database on line always involves some integration of pre-existing data and process, success hinges on careful attention to clearing out the old data to make way for a “clean” or fresh start. Even so, many dread the time it takes—especially considering the long, slow march from discovery to implementation—to dig into years of data and workstreams to get rid of the junk.

Well, on the road toward becoming a next-level nonprofit, PEAK Grantmaking President and CEO Satonya Fair knows that not only do we need to learn new competencies, both individuals and organizations need to take time to shed old ways of thinking and operating that no longer serve leaders or our sector. Join us for our annual conversation with Satonya to hear what she, along with the PEAK’s staff and board, are learning and unlearning in order to help the organization and the philanthropic sector fully embrace equitable and inclusive practices as essential to operational excellence.