Lessons from the World of Impact Management

As more organizations place corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the center of their overall business strategy, knowing how to measure CSR performance is imperative. Being able to report on your organization’s social impact can ultimately attract investors, retain top talent, boost reputation, and boost business performance – alongside several other potential benefits.

However, many companies have difficulty measuring the effect of their CSR initiatives and activities, and if you can’t measure it, then you certainly can’t improve it.

This webinar provides best practices and actionable steps from the world of impact management that CSR leaders can incorporate into their work to start proving—and improving—the value of their programs, including:

  • Common challenges for effective CSR programs / why traditional impact measurement fails

  • How to get started + key metrics you should be tracking

  • How to leverage the results of your CSR measurement efforts

  • Examples and lessons learned from UpMetrics’ work with Impact Investors and CSR professionals