Nonprofit Board Fundraising: Making It Easy & Effective

Attention all nonprofit leaders! Are you tired of struggling to help your board grow their fundraising skills, or contribute financial support to your organization? It’s time to level up your board’s approach to fundraising with our upcoming webinar!

Let’s face it – it’s challenging and time-consuming to build an effective fundraising and engagement program with your board members. Fundraising work can feel intimidating to even the most seasoned professionals. But harnessing the fundraising power of your board can make a huge difference to your bottom line and increase your organization’s ability to make a positive impact.

Join nonprofit expert Maureen Wallbeoff and learn how to empower your board members with the skills and tools they need to effectively promote your nonprofit’s mission, engage with stakeholders, and secure critical support. Whether you are trying to grow a board giving program, transform your board members into community ambassadors, or provide stewardship to existing donors, you’ll get practical tips to help turn your board members into fundraising rockstars.

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