Aligning on a Revenue-Wise Strategy

A Conversation Guide for Nonprofit Finance Leaders

If you build an organizational strategy without a strong understanding of your financial data, you’re likely to include items that look good in the moment. But in the long term, those items can be detrimental to your organization’s financial health or reduce your teams’ capacity in ways you didn’t plan for.

In this conversation guide, you’ll learn what it means to be “revenue-wise” and how you can start the discussion with your nonprofit, including:

  • What financial data you should review prior to the conversation

  • How to separate your income streams into hard “yes” and easy “no”

  • What to do with the “maybes”

  • How to build a revenue strategy based on your discussion

  • An agenda to customize and use to lead the conversation

Download this conversation guide today and get your team aligned on a revenue strategy that meets your long-term goals.