Making the Move to Cloud-Based Fund Accounting Software

7 Core Considerations for the Modern Nonprofit CFO

For today’s nonprofit, anytime, anywhere access to your information is the expectation, not the exception.

While it’s okay to be deliberate about moving to cloud-based fund accounting software, improvements to security and reliability, as well as the increased cost-savings, make now a great time to find the right cloud-based fund accounting software for your organization. As you prepare to make the move, check out this whitepaper for seven ways this switch will affect your organization, including:

  • How your internal controls will change as your software provider takes on the burden of keeping the platform in compliance with security standards

  • How changing from on-premises to cloud-based will change the workload of your IT team

  • How moving to a cloud-based platform with a subscription payment model will affect your balance sheet and cash flow

Download the whitepaper today to help prepare your organization for a successful transition to a cloud-based fund accounting system