4 Reasons Financial Edge® Users Should Consider Taking the “NXT” Step

Modernize your business office

If you have been thinking about making the change to Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®️, this quick overview video will help you compare what you are doing today to what it will look like as you migrate.

Gain reporting functionality

Powerful reporting is critical to your organization’s impact, and we’ve taken the familiar in Financial Edge and made it more intuitive and easier to use in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT.

Save time with comprehensive records

Maintaining centralized and comprehensive financial data records just got easier with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT. We’ve taken fundamental areas of the solution and made them easier to navigate and use.

Expand what’s possible

Ready to streamline expense management with brand-new functionality in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT!? There’s a world of possibilities with new features, extensibility, and our partner network.