How to Get Started with Automation at Your Nonprofit Finance Office

A step-by-step guide to saving time and getting more accurate reporting

Automated processes can help you work smarter and get insights faster so you can make more data-driven decisions to support your organization’s mission.

No matter if your organization is a nonprofit, school, health center, church, or foundation, all finance departments struggle with the balance of getting projects done right and getting projects done right now. This 10-page guide will show you:

  • How automation can make your finance office more efficient

  • What processes to prioritize when incorporating automation (and which ones to leave off)

  • Steps to evaluate your current fund accounting processes

  • What to look for with your current technology and when you should add a new tool to your tech stack

  • The key role your internal controls play in automating your processes

Download your guide to automating your nonprofit finance office today so your entire organization can get more accurate and actionable data faster.