How to Save Time and Make Informed Decisions with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® Reports

A Quick Guide on the Three Levels of Reporting in Financial Edge NXT

As part of a lean nonprofit, your financial team doesn’t have time for duct-taped reporting workarounds. You need reports that can tell you where you stand, with the ability to dig in further if you need to so you can make data-driven decisions without exporting and importing a bunch of data.

Whether you need a quick overview or a personalized deep dive into your data, Financial Edge NXT provides three levels of reporting to give you the insights you need to make better data-driven decisions. In this quick guide you will learn how Financial Edge NXT can:

  • Make it simple to get the information you need quickly with pre-built analytics

  • Help you visually understand your organization’s finances through customized dashboards

  • Give you the ability to look at your data from a variety of angles to identify trends and opportunities

Download this quick guide today to learn more about the reporting capabilities in Financial Edge NXT and get tips for building actionable accounting reports.