Using Analytics to Start or Grow Your Major Giving Program

You’re examining your major giving program and see the need to be more data-inspired and intentional. Are your major donors giving less? Do you have fewer major gift donors because of aging or attrition? Have you been overly reliant on a small group of donors to shoulder a high percentage of your operating or special campaign efforts? Suffering development officer turnover or burnout?

Time to embark on an analytics project to better understand and uncover your constituents’ potential! It’s time to maximize, utilize, synthesize, strategize, and analyze!

In this session, you will learn tactics for:

  • Understanding the tools available to identify high value prospects in your constituency

  • Building segmentation to strategize for action

  • Understanding important KPIs for an ongoing healthy and robust major and planned giving programs


  • Tanya Cole, Strategic Consultant, Principal at Blackbaud

  • Carol Belair, Strategic Consultant, Principal at Blackbaud