What To Do When You’ve Inherited a Fund Accounting Mess

Optimizing Your Nonprofit with the Accounting Triangle

Starting a new position with a new nonprofit is exciting. But sometimes you get into a role and realize the current systems don’t work like they should. Where do you start when you find that you’ve inherited a less-than-ideal accounting system to support your nonprofit organization?

In this white paper, Jim Bocian and Jamie Lundien from Cause and Solution walk through a framework they use to help nonprofit accounting teams understand where the issues are and how to prioritize the changes that need to be made, including:

  • What is the Accounting Triangle and how to recognize when your talent, systems, and processes are out of balance

  • What to do when one area of your accounting triangle is more or less focused than the other two

  • How a fund accounting system can bring all three areas together

If you are about to move to a new finance role at a nonprofit or recently inherited a fund accounting system that needs some work, download this white paper for tools to help you get back in balance.