When We’re All In, We All Rise: A Conversation Exploring Women’s Generosity as a Catalyst for Change

As women wield greater economic power and harness their influence to lead change, their generosity is rapidly transforming the philanthropic landscape. What is possible when women are active participants in philanthropic work, engaging all the levers available to advance the public good?

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute, part of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI, increases understanding of women’s philanthropy through rigorous research and education with the vision of empowering women to use their wealth and power to uplift others. Following WPI’s sixth national symposium All In, All Rise, WPI Associate Director Jacquie Ackerman sits down with Symposium participants to discuss how women’s involvement in philanthropy influences and strengthens communities, encourages greater strategic giving and builds a more diverse community of engaged citizens.