Approved Plugins

Blackbaud Website Package (BBWP) uses WordPress plugins to achieve the functionality available in the Starter, Essentials and Professional packages. The plugins used have been audited and approved for use within the Blackbaud Website Package. Each has undergone extensive penetration testing and review to ensure that they do not present a risk of exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and compromising the PCI Compliance of the Blackbaud Website Package.

Each of these plugins will be maintained and updated by Blackbaud as long as they are deemed to be a fit for the features/capabilities they provide. If a plugin is modified by its respective plugin author in such a way that impacts the long-term use of the plugin in this package, Blackbaud reserves the right to replace or remove said plugin.

Can I add a plugin?

No. Functionality commonly associated with WordPress such as the ability to add Plugins and Themes is not available in BBWP.

Why can’t I add a plugin?

A strict approval process is in place to ensure that a plugin is necessary. Before any vetting is carried out, Blackbaud first needs to understand what functionality is being requested and if it can be achieved using an already approved method. It is common that Blackbaud prescribes a solution or service that might be a better fit based on client needs.

If the requested plugin is deemed necessary, we evaluate many aspects of the plugin including, but not limited to licensing, maintenance, the validity of the vendor and vulnerabilities.

How do I request functionality for my BBWP Website or is there a list of approved plugins I can choose from?

Your Account Executive will be able to work with you to better understand your requirements. From there, we can assess your request and present options that best fit your needs, while still taking into account both ongoing maintenance and security aspects of the solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with your sales executive.