Billing FAQs


Please see this Knowledgebase article for info.

Please see  this Knowledgebase article for info.

  • Your invoice contact will receive an automated renewal notice at least 60 days before the end of your current subscription term.
  • You can change your invoice contact by following these steps:
  • If you want to make changes to your subscription, you must email your Renewal Representative with the changes at least 45 days prior to the renewal date.
  • Contracts automatically renew on our standard 3-year term unless you contact your Renewal Representative to change the term. Reminder: All changes must be communicated at least 45 days prior to the renewal date.
  • Your invoice contact will then receive an invoice for the renewing subscription 30 days prior to the renewal date.
  • Is there a price increase at time of renewal?  Renewal fees or Subscription pricing for renewal terms are subject to an annual adjustment. It is a common business practice across the SaaS industry and for many consumer and industrial organizations to increase subscription costs to adjust for changes in raw materials costs, supplier technology and services costs, or inflation. It also helps support investment in areas that provide customer value, including R&D roadmaps, product development, customer success, and technology infrastructure.
  • Our standard 3-year renewal term offers the lowest annual increase. Shorter terms are available at a higher annual increase.

It is a monthly fee, invoiced annually, applicable to customers using Blackbaud payment-enabled solutions. It supports Blackbaud’s investment in building, maintaining, and supporting secure, compliant, reliable online payment-enabled solutions. To learn more, visit our payment enablement fee FAQs here.