K-12 Advisory Board

Nick Marchese

Troy, NY Director of Academic & Strategic Technology at Emma Willard School

Nick Marchese is the Director of Academic & Strategic Technology at the Emma Willard School in Troy, NY. Upon joining the Emma Willard School, Nick began to create an Academic Technology department that prides itself on using technology positively, safely, and with integrity. Nick works closely with students and teachers on purposeful and lasting use of technology in the classroom that enhances and supports teaching and learning. In addition to leading the Academic Technology department, Nick is also an advisor, a club leader, and oversees campus-wide audio-video systems.

Some of Nick’s passions include creating automations and scripts with Google Apps Script (and getting others excited about them as well), pushing into classrooms to integrate technology like podcasting, and brainstorming with others while drinking tea and eating scones. Nick loves music, puzzles, and playing games with his family. Nick joined the Emma Willard School community in 2018 after working as the Upper School Technology Integrator at the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn, NY.