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Blackbaud and Almabase Announce Expanded Partnership to Redefine Digital Engagement and Fundraising for Higher Education

Blackbaud and Almabase are proud to announce an expanded partnership that will provide a modern solution for advancement teams to unlock higher alumni engagement and better fundraising. ‍

“Our vision at Blackbaud is to put our customers’ needs first and provide innovative solutions for the market by creating the best outcomes across digital engagement, advancement CRM and financials,” said Chris Krackeler, president and GM of Higher Education at Blackbaud‍. “Partners like Almabase are an integral part of that vision.”

“Our mission at Almabase is to make education affordable by helping every institution increase alumni participation,” said Kalyan Varma, co-founder and CEO of Almabase. “The education fundraising landscape is evolving rapidly, and the best institutions are proactive in engaging their alumni, using data to drive decisions, and meeting alumni where they are. Our expanded partnership with Blackbaud and strong integration with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® will be a game changer for any institution that wants to create a constant pipeline of donors and drive more donations.”

Impact of the Partnership
In a digital-first world, alumni want more from the relationship with their alma mater—more tailored programs, and engagement that puts value at the front. This partnership puts higher education advancement teams in the driver’s seat, letting them take control of their data, craft personalized alumni experiences at scale, and unify their efforts. 

A Digital-First Solution for Advancement Teams
A digital-first engagement platform, coupled with a strong fundraising CRM for higher-ed, is a combination that advancement teams need to drive value-led alumni engagement and fundraising.

Blackbaud and Almabase have been hard at work creating seamless integrations that enable advancement services professionals to move constituent, gift and event data between systems, without friction. With the expanded partnership, the capabilities of these integrations are only going to grow more powerful.

Two Intelligent Systems, One Source of Truth
Almabase and Raiser’s Edge NXT can now sync bi-directionally, meaning constituent data can move both ways (i.e., from Almabase to Raiser’s Edge NXT, and vice versa). This is applicable to basic data fields like constituent name and date of birth, and also other properties like education/employment information, and even a few custom fields. 

The Future of Alumni Relations and Fundraising
Advancement teams need to take a value-driven, engagement-first approach if they want to build stronger relationships. Almabase and Blackbaud continue to work towards this objective—unifying advancement teams with modern digital tools that unlock higher alumni engagement and better fundraising. 

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